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☮ Update: May 2nd 2011 ~~~ I will soon be having another sale to try & find homes for so many useful things.
last November, 2 lovely ladies at 2 lovely shops have been accepting some of my lovely useful items at their shops! Jen at in Denville.

My recent move has created many needs for many homes for many useful & wonderful items from my business & personal life.
Some are new & still in the box!
Your assistance at this time is most appreciated. Thank you all!!
Click to view a partial list with some pictures items which are still for sale, or, for an almost complete list sans pics, click below. I'm sure I'm forgetting many of the smaller & lovely things = ).
ALMOST complete list Update: Sept. 23rd, 2010:
My search is over! I have found a wonderful little neighborhood about 20 minutes north of Rockaway! The home is quite a bit smaller than the one in Rockaway, so I am in the process of finding homes for many lovely items.
I made a partial list ~ Click to view a partial list of items for sale.

Update August 22, 2010
who passed away on July 10, 2010.
Each time I am asked if flowers, or …… should be sent to my mom, I respond that I think my dad would prefer that everyone just do something nice in his honor. A random act of kindness, if you will. Of course, whatever level this comes on, is up to the giver: helping someone struggling with their packages, sending a donation, volunteering time in a place which reminds you of him, calling/writing/visiting someone who may be lonely, extending some extra patience, taking the time to take care of yourself ~ so that you may be of more help to another in the future, sending that “thinking of you” card to someone well after a loss they’ve had ……
I am truly grateful for all the wonderful moments which my father & I were able to spend with one another. With great love, I post a picture of him:

The move is final & the new phone number is:
(973) 827 - 3369

Update: November 22, 2009:
Since April, I have been looking for a new home & place to work. The wondrous place I have been for the last 10 years is no longer feasible for its owner. It is an incredible challenge to find a place which is large enough to live & work in; environmentally safe (indoors & out ~ due to my MCS = Multiple Chemical Sensitivity any new paint & flooring .. carpeting .. appliances ... any items which can outgas; closeness to highways & other homes being too close; older homes which have not been maintained & contain molds & ... disqualifies the home) for the cats and for me; and affordable! My limited income is ... limiting : ) I pray that new markets open their doors to my products so I may continue to support myself, and not have to apply for disability.

Looking back on 2007 & what I still need to sell.
The spring plantings on '07 came to a screeching halt with the arrival of Mr Groundhog who truly loves snap peas as much as I do!
I look back, & am actually truly grateful for his arrival ~ I can't imagine how I would have felt to have seen more than what I did see perishing out there. Then came Memorial Day & my cars' engine blowing. Two months later, I gave up on the warranty company & the possibility that I would find another engine, and bought another station wagon.
Then my normal fatigue, which had been building over the last six years, worsened to an overwhelming fatigue that I just couldn't overcome (and still haven't completely ~ I am productive for only a few hours each day now & am still consumed by trying to keep myself safe & fed ~ I truly wanted a nurse for a couple of weeks there). I've tried different doctors & different approaches. At my worst, I couldn't drive; I was bumping into walls & furniture; having difficulty communicating (imagine that!); was eating enough food to feed a 200 pound person & feeling hungry an hour later; constantly standing in the wrong room; couldn't read & comprehend; eventually gave up driving all together; and became basically homebound. I am still astonished at the different diagnoses I was given.
Update: March 21st, 2008 ~ I am slowly regaining my health & am doing my best to recover from a myriad of ailments which all appear to have risen from one disease, and dominoed into various auto-immune diseases. Thank you all who have seen me through this search for answers!
Update: November 15th, 2008 ~ And, Memorial Day '08 brought a lovely doe who just had to have her fawn in my largest garden! She too loved snap peas! What an amazing site to watch her raise this jiggedly legged little one into a running jumping beauty! I am also thankful to them for shutting down my planting ~ amazing how things always work out for the best! What a difference a year makes! I am still working on getting stronger & more healthy. It's been alot of hard work, which is slowly paying off. If I am diligent/vigilant, I may be back to the 'real' world by next fall. I am still not able to just come & go as I please. My body's still letting me know what "too much" is, & I often cannot go back out for over a week at a time. My liver, and adrenals still need time & patience & what else am I going to do! LOL! I am thankful for my sense of humor ~ for without it, it would have been a much more difficult row to hoe!
I am thankful for a patient friend & neighbor who has helped me through this ~ by listening, preparing food for me, and driving me to the doctor & to procure aid ~ just to name a few! My father has also been a huge support & has also taken the time to drive me to the lab, store, bank, to pick up business supplies, & on deliveries. Several people whom I have met through my business have aided me ~ extra veggies from a local co-op was a timely gift I received ~ which was brought to me by another friendly neighbor! And some were perfect strangers who just wanted to pay more than for what I was asking! I am truly amazed at how each time I was in need, there was someone there with an outstretched hand. Some days, simply an offer was more than enough indication that everything was going to be just fine. I am truly blessed to have been given this opportunity to heal, to learn more about how certain bodily systems work, to be able to share things I have learned with many people who have also benefitted from my journey (may that continue!!), & to have experienced the true selfless giving of perfect strangers! I was always a believer in: "You are what you eat" ~ but now .... I'm closer to .. like a worshipper. LOL
How does one continue making a living when they are far from living? For almost a year I've been struggling to keep it together. I had a garage sale in August 07 & sold a good amount; boxed up the majority of the remainder & brought it to the mission; but reserved a couple of dozen things & placed them on Craigslist. (I had another sale in Oct 08 ~ and had a whopping 1 customer & I knew him!) 45 days later, they automatically delete listings & nothing had sold. I put out an email to local folk & co-ops, friends, & family. One of the reporters who had done a story on me last year came by & purchased some sachets for party gifts at her upcoming baby shower: now there's thinking out of the box. I thank all who have helped to keep food on my table & a roof over my head.

As of Nov 15th, 2008 there are still several things left. If you need any ~ please call : (973) 586- 4584. Thank you!

Below are some of the non-perishables which I'm still looking to sell! And there are countless vases & whatnot ... that are not pictured ...

Several different milk glass vases, dishes ~ with no chips on them ~ for which I'm looking to get $10 each or, $35.00 for all 4:

This EO Brody typically can be found for 10.99 + shipping on line: Approx: 6.5"H x 5.5"across top x 3.5"Base

This EO Brody vintage footed compote is said to be from 40's & 60's. Found on Ebay for 10.99 + shipping. Approx: 6.5"H x 5.5"across top x 3.5"Base

I have seen this EO Brody candy dish on line for 11.45 + shipping. Approx: 6"H x 4.5"across top x 3.5"Base

Similar to one I have ~ just that the rim is not scalloped/ruffled.
EO Brody Diamond pattern bud vase M-147.Have seen this on EBay for 8.95 + shipping up to 15.50 with shipping.

Approx:8.75"H x 1.75"across top x 2.5"Base

Also have 2 other EO Brody's for which I could not find pictures on line: MJ-52 ~ Measures Approx. 9" H x 5.25"across top x 4"Base. It's elegant with a swirl pattern running in one direction on the base & the opposite direction on the body. A "knot" conjoins the two. I had seen this on Ebay over the summer when pricing for my garage sale & the note inside vase says 14.35 & 13.26. Would like $15.00 for it.

The other EO Brody I have (also pictureless) is an MJ-45 & above Cleveland, Ohio USA on bottom, there's also this number: J-2538. I'm guessing it's rare because I've never seen it on line & have looked several times over the years & have never seen it while out browsing antique stores. It's quite difficult to describe. It stands a little over 8" in the front & then slopes gently upwards towards the back which stands at almost 8.5". The base is like an oval ~ or a softened square, measuring approx. 5.5" across & 4.25" front to back. The opening is like that at the top, measuring approx. 6.25" across & 4.5" front to back.About one inch of the base which has a gentle inward curve has this delicate pattern which is similarly replicated in a 1/2" band about 1/2 inch above this base pattern & again, closer to the top. Like thick stitching. As I have not been able to find this, I would ask for a "fair" market price ....

These are new. They are called barrier bottles & they feature three layers of protection for increased chemical resistance: a nylon layer, an adhesive layer, and a high density polyethylene outer layer. Bottles resist herbicides, insecticides, automotive additives, and the permeation of most organic materials. Cap size is 28 mm. Have 20 each of the 8 oz & 16 oz bottles. I paid 1.33 each for the 8 oz & 1.84 each for the 16 oz = 63.40. Would like $20.00 for them. They are similar to the brown ones pictured below but the caps are black. (bought them to share organic fish emulsion which I'd purchased in a 50 Gallon drum, and there was no interest in this type for fertilizer in my area.)

I also have a great Polder ironing board that's in perfect shape & has a power cord right there & a wire shelf underneath & it folds up really easily. & I paid 79.99 for it. Here's a similar picture (the power cord is hidden below on mine & it doesn't have that extension off to the right in the picture & the legs are different too!).

Replaced original cover ~ foam , too many fumes. Ironing Board Pad & Cover: 100% pure cotton, non-toxic, non-allergenic. Iron without fumes rising from a synthetic pad or cover. Made in our sewing room. Covers are pre-washed and rinsed in baking soda. Free of all fabric finishes. Pad is 100% cotton. Pad & Cover(1 of each) 34.95 (+ shipping from CT) More info at Janice's click here: Janice's
It also comes with a clip-on Polder iron rest ~ which typically sells for 9.99.
That's a $124.93 (+ shipping!) value for only $50.00!

There are other items for which I can't find pictures & will try & locate some in future ~ so, please check back soon to see if anything was added!
I have various pots /planters for sale also ~ if I had a digital camera I would've taken pictures & put them here. Working on getting better, so that I can make those advances with my business that have been put on the back burner for years due to illness. Update: 4/7/08: My thoughtful brother gave me a neg/slide to digital converter for my birthday!! Now to focus this little foggy brain & figure out how to use it: ) 11/15 ~ still haven't felt the clarity of mind to grapple with that new thing-a-ma-gig!
Thanks for looking & if you could use any of these items, please call me: 973 - 827 - 3369. If you know someone who collects milkglass or planters, or who would be interested in any of these ~ please pass this along to them. Thanks, Anne

N E W !

10 Herman St. … Glen Ridge, NJ
(973) 743 ~ 1211
Thanks Ivy, for bringing my Body Wraps into your Yoga & Ayurveda Studio! This well rounded space also offers Pilates, Spa, Beauty & Personal Care! Click below image to be redirected to their webpage!